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Re: Severe Mcaws pair

Posted by Shawn Smith on 12/20/07
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    On 12/10/07, pam wrote:
    > i would to trade for a African gray congo
    I Have a 3-4 year old congo grey. I was told that she is a
    female. hand tame but takes time to warm up to someone. She
    says losts of things but doesn't say anything bad. Where are
    you located. i am able to drive a pretty large distance. Are
    your severe's hand tame, do they do well with multiple
    people. let me know. I am very interested. You can give me a
    call on my cell if you want to talk.(610)301-2623. Thank
    you. I can only check my email while at work. your best bet
    to get a hold of me is to call. Thanks