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Re: Flameless Scented Candles

Posted by Dave on 12/26/07
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    On 12/25/07, Barry wrote:
    > Anyone have any information regarding the safety of these
    > candles that are heated in a container like a crockpot? I
    > have avoided all candles in the past because of my Grey
    > someone gave us one of these and I was wondering if there
    > was any information out there regarding their safety for
    > birds. Thanks.

    It's not the flame or lack of or what the candle is heated
    in that's important. The chemical contents in the candle can
    give off an odor that can be or not be smelled. Which ever
    kind it is though will stay in the air and slowly permeate a
    room. You can burn candles in other areas of the house away
    from your bird but you should make sure that the odor won't
    drift in the air towards your bird---Dave