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Re: Breeding Problems

Posted by Chi on 1/28/08
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    On 1/19/08, Richard wrote:
    > We have 5 pairs, 2 of the pairs are imports and 3 are
    > domestic. They are housed in a climate controled building
    > (70o). They have a diet of cooked food. Our problem is
    > that only 1 pair of the imports have produced fertile
    > eggs, all of the others have produced clear eggs. This is
    > their third breeding season. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Hi there,
    you better wait. Most of the time,the males need to be at
    least 8 years old to fertile eggs. My domestic male did
    that. The female can lay eggs as young as 3.5 years old.
    So be patient and you will get good results.