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Re: Congo African Grey for sale

Posted by Scam on 2/07/08
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    On 1/31/08, THIS IS ANOTHER SCAMMER wrote:
    > On 1/31/08, Carol wrote:
    >> Where do you live?
    >> Price range?
    >> thanks!!!!!
    >> Carol
    >> On 1/30/08, Davidson wrote:
    >>> I have well tamed and hand raised parrots ready for moving
    >>> homes.they are current on shots and vaccinated and get
    >>> along with people and other pets.interested persons should
    >>> contact for more details. They are just matured to go out
    >>> for sale.They will be coming with a free cage and thier
    >>> current health papers at a reasonable price.They need
    >>> attention....
    > THIS IS A SCAM AD. save your money

    Davidson knows better..... he cannot ship birds to America from
    Africa. Oh yea he doesn't have any birds, but his has a western
    union account set up and ready to accept your "shipping fees" up
    front lol