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Re: Loving home wanting a Grey(or any larger bird) in Missou

Posted by Tabatha on 2/03/08
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    Boy the people on this site are rude. I've looked over my
    posting so many times wondering how you all are getting this
    stuff. The reason I'm wanting a larger bird is because I had a
    cockatiel I was so close too. When he died of old age it broke
    my heart. This bird was hardly ever in his cage,He
    ate,bathed,slept with me. He was a "Free" bird I got because the
    owners thought he was to mean. ONe time we had him sunning
    outside when our lamb knocked over his cage(We even had the cage
    where she shouldn't have been able to)
    he took off flying down the road. I took off running after him I
    screamed "Bird get your butt back down here!" (His name was Mel
    but he came to Bird) he flew down to the road and walked back to
    me. I don't want any bird I get not to be able to measure up to
    him.SO I want to get something way different then him. His been
    gone almost...5 years now. I still cry over his being gone. I
    know theres no way I'll even be able to have another cockatiel.
    Babysitting my sister's makes me cry because how alike her bird
    is to mine. Plus mine taught her bird every word it says.

    IF and when I get a bird it will be mine untill one of us dies.
    I wouldn't think of buying a bird to make money on it.If that
    were so couldn't I also be asking for smaller bird too? If I
    ever had to give up a bird and to me the only way I would if
    it's meds cost so much money I couldn't handle it. I would give
    it to a rescue.We have a very nice one not to for from us.

    As for my "story" I was just trying to let people know a little
    more about me. I wasn't doing a sad story to make you sure sorry
    for me. I've had some really bad stuff happen in my life but I
    didn't bring it up. And I wasn't even asking for a free bird. I
    was saying I can't pay a lot. A lot to you might mean 1500 to me
    it's 400 and up.

    On 2/03/08, everywhere wrote:
    > Not only do they want free birds/and cheap - then they sell
    > them and trade them.
    > On 2/03/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >> It seems to me that if your main goal is to give a loving
    >> home to a bird, you would not be so picky about specifiying
    >> what you are looking for. There are many birds that are not
    >> considered "high dollar" than need homes. Everybody wants a
    >> free bird and there is no end to the storys they tell,
    > trying
    >> to get their hands on one.