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Re: Loving home wanting a Grey(or any larger bird) in Missou

Posted by Just Passing Thru on 2/08/08
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    > If I ever had to give up a bird and to me the only way I would if
    > it's meds cost so much money I couldn't handle it. I would give
    > it to a rescue. We have a very nice one not to for from us.

    Just a question. If you have such a nice rescue not that far from
    you, why are you not looking there for a bird to adopt? Instead of
    coming to a chatboard like this one & posting that you are wanting
    to adopt a bird ( but don't want to be out much $ to do so )? That
    really makes no sense to most bird breeders/owners, and that's
    apparently why you got treated so rudely here. If something is
    worth having, it's worth saving or doing without for ( like putting
    $ back for adoption fees.) You have to realize that rescues ( as
    well as breeders & owners ) have vet bills, food, caretakers time,
    etc. to cover. And when they place a bird they want to make sure
    the person getting it is going to be able to afford to properly
    care for the bird.

    Let's face it, how many people really give much, if any thought to
    the care, food, vet bills, etc. it will take before getting a pet?
    Very few! And I'm not even talking about birds! I mean just dogs,
    cats, rabbits, fish & that sort of pet that are pretty low
    maintainance compaired to a bird. Just watch one of the Animal Cop
    shows on the Animal Planet Channel & you'll see exactly what I'm
    talking about. We live in a disposable society & pets always end up
    on the very bottom of the heap. So please don't be too harsh on
    anyone that's trying to place a 2nd hand bird into a good forever
    home or on people the who have taken up the cause trying to educate
    people ( before they become bird owners ) to the time, $$$ & care a
    bird will need. It's no small commitment being a bird owner. And
    YES I do know what I'm talking about. I have a 2nd-hand parrot ( 12
    years old ) that came with issues that I've been working with for 5
    years now, as well as 13 cats that have been abandoned over the
    years, a dog & several fish. I do without every day to make sure my
    pets have the food, care & love they didn't get from their 1st ( or
    even 2nd ) owners. In fact I have one ill cat ( 14 years old ) that
    I've been working with around the clock for the past 4 weeks giving
    meds, forcing food & liquids, cleaning up after & loving. And I've
    yet to give up on him!

    BTW my bird was ill for 3 weeks in Dec. Have you ever had to give
    a large bird nasty tasting liquid medication ( in his mouth/beak )
    2 times a day. Plus having to prepare & force feed soft foods &
    liquids & then get them down the bird every couple of hours around
    the clock? If not give that some thought. It's not easy or fun, but
    when it has to be done, it has to be done, like it or not! Not to
    mention the fact that no matter how careful I was I got bit several
    times a day ( many that broke the skin, bled & hurt like heck! ) by
    a bird that I was trying to keep alive! Yes, he did get well &
    thankfully we where able to go out of town for Christmas. But if he
    hadn't been well by then, there would have been no traveling or
    Christmas celebration with family. And ill pet has to cone 1st!

    I don't know how old you are, but if you are indeed serious about
    owning/adopting a larger bird you need to educate yourself on
    everything a larger bird will require & be prepared. And that
    includes being willing to give-up things you want/need to make sure
    the birds needs are met 1st. Rehomed birds normally come with
    baggage that could be minor or severe. Will you have the time,
    patience & knowledge to know how to deal with behaviour
    problems/issues properly? Not getting upset, reacting negatively &
    end-up not only making the problems worse, but getting rid of the
    bird because it's just too much to deal with?

    I'm not trying to put you down or disuade you from getting a
    larger bird. I just hope that you do take time to look at every
    angle before getting into something that could be a mistake. Having
    small birds is nothing like owning ( & being owned by! ) a large
    bird. They tend to be very demanding, needy ( usually a one person
    bird ) need more specialized diets & lots of toys ( that will be
    destroyed in no time ). And remember how dangerous those larger
    hooked-beaks are - to humans as well as other household pets &
    furniture. There are a lot of positives & a lot of negatives to
    larger bird ownership. Just don't go into owning one in ignorance,
    because that will be very dangerous for you & your human family.

    The best to you & yours!