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Re: Loving home wanting a Grey(or any larger bird) in Missou

Posted by petparrots on 2/09/08
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    Nobody taught me- I learned for myself.
    I never asked for birds- I buy my own
    Big red flag is a person who asks for birds, but cant go through
    rescue evaluation and classes. I bet if you put forth and gave that
    rescue some of your time and were willing to make an effort to learn
    and help with what they need, they would consider you. Unless it is
    the rescue that SELL's every bird they are given, then yhea your back
    to cant pay for it- forget it.... Just a thought. Set up a paypal
    account and ask public to send you one dollar so you can afford a bird
    and all it needs. Do ppl really fall for these sad stories? LOL

    On 2/08/08, Tabatha wrote:
    > I have been reading everything you have written. I said I was done
    > posting. Which I am,Yo can only say something so many times.
    > Many people have brought up the fact the fact that I said we have
    > nice rescue not to fair from us.The reason I haven't even tried to
    > sdopt from them is because they only adopt with in a hour from
    > them.I live more then an hour away from them.
    > As for the meds. To me a lot of money for meds is something thats
    > going to cost well over 50 a month and it's something they will have
    > to be on the rest of their lifes.I spend about that on my horse's
    > meds.He has C.O.P.D/heaves and without that he would be dead.So I'm
    > not cheap on the meds price,But I tried to be honest by saying there
    > is a line at where I can't keep a bird.
    > Lastly I have done my research I know birds are not easy pets to
    > keep.They are also not cheap to keep.They are like having a toddler
    > for 50 years.I've lost count of the books I have read,The sites I
    > have been too. I think I know enough about birds to know what I
    > would be getting into.I know you don't really know untill you own
    > one.But everyone had to start out with their first large parrot.I
    > think I got a better start then most by really reading up on them to
    > know what I'm getting into.
    > I also know most 2nd hand birds come with a lot of problems which is
    > why their first owners are giving them up.I'm willing to work though
    > a bird's problems. If I find something I can't work though I will
    > get help.
    > I think thats all I have to say. I'm sure someone will rip into this
    > message too. I want to thank all of people who really tried to help
    > me out.And thank you to the person that stood up for me. That was
    > really nice of you.
    > If you still think I have no clue about parrots.Then be nice and try
    > to help me out. Tell me about some books or sites you really think I
    > should read before getting a bird. Thats what I would do for someone
    > wanting to get into horses.I do that all the time for people who are
    > wanting to breed horses.I help them do research most of the time
    > with my help they understand it's easier,cheaper,and safer to buy a
    > foal(I don't breed either).I wish someone took the time to help me
    > with birds.