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Re: african gray

Posted by carol w. waldenburg on 2/04/08
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    On 2/03/08, yvonne wrote:
    > i was thinking of putting my african gray in another
    > room like the kitchen. hes not talking except to say
    > hello,and lots of sounds,and noises like ringing the
    > phone.i thought he may be getting to much attention in my
    > livingroom,where everyone is .

    Greys are exceptionally social birds and they consider their
    humans to be part of their "flock." Therefore, they NEED to
    be in the part of the house that is most busy like the
    kitchen. You will notice that your bird will eat when you
    sit down to eat, and will chatter when your family talks, or
    if you are on the phone as if he/she was part of the
    conversation. The Grey's vocabulary will also explode as it
    is exposed to more conversation, words, and expressions.
    You are in for a treat! Please let me know how it goes!