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Post: cute, affectionate, Timneh exchange for other grey?

Posted by Biscuit on 2/04/08

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    Biscuit was hand raised and is a sweetie. Unfortunatley,
    she wants to be handled by, to sit upon the shoulder of,
    to be cooed by, to be fed treats by . . . a male. This
    has happened within the past two years. My vet says she
    is in great health, she has never feather-picked, has
    never had any parasites etc . . . I am told and have read
    that sometimes greys just pick their preferences and
    that's it. She screeches at me when I come near her, she
    does not bite me, but she makes it clear that my presense
    and touch is hated. I want her to find a home where her
    primary companion will be a male that will be able to give
    her the attention that she needs. In exchange I would
    like to find someone with a Grey whom is not doing well in
    their environment. I love greys. I want Biscuit to be
    happy, and perhaps I can give someone else a great home

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