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Re: handicapped congo

Posted by Rose on 2/09/08
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    On 2/08/08, Nubi wrote:
    > I just adopted a 15 qweek old handicapped congo. He is a
    > doll baby!! He has no feet and only one wing and it is
    > deformed. Just wondered if anyone might think of anything
    > special that I could get for him to play with. I have him
    > regular toys hung where he can bite and play with them.
    > Just looking for any help that anyone can give me. Thanks.

    This must be one extremely frustrated bird. How does he get
    around? They are usually so energetic. Does he have legs but
    not feet? There was a vet I saw on TV who made little paddles
    to put on the ends of a cockatoo's legs so he could walk.
    Maybe you could look into that if he has legs. Whatever
    happened to him at such a young age? Poor thing. I like the
    birdie kabobs for my birds to play with and I think your bird
    would, too. They are chunks of soft wood for chewing. You
    could just lay one out in front of him. Also you might try
    pine cones or dried corn cobs with the corn still on them.
    They have fun popping those off one by one. Drs. Foster and
    Smith have small ones in a multiple pack. It seems you need to
    find things that will help the little fellow pass his time. I
    would give him stuff to chew so he won't think about chewing