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Re: handicapped congo

Posted by Nancy Fuchsen on 3/21/08
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    On 2/24/08, Lisa wrote:
    > On 2/08/08, Nubi wrote:
    >> I just adopted a 15 qweek old handicapped congo. He is a
    >> doll baby!! He has no feet and only one wing and it is
    >> deformed. Just wondered if anyone might think of anything
    >> special that I could get for him to play with. I have him
    >> regular toys hung where he can bite and play with them.
    >> Just looking for any help that anyone can give me. Thanks.
    > You will be amazed at what these not so perfect little ones
    > can do. I have 2 that I took in at 5 weeks of age, and are
    > now almost 5 months old. One had a broken back, and leg,
    > the other had a broken hip and leg. Both had splayed legs.
    > The thing is (and this is just my opinion, they do not seem
    > to realize that they are in any way different. Now it is
    > true, that I have had to make some modifications cage-wise
    > (they still climb, but then cannot get down), but as far as
    > toys, they have ones that hang, and they also have foot toys
    > (many many of these). They cannot pick them up with their
    > feet, but they have a wonderful time tossing them around and
    > trying to catch them with their beaks.
    > I wish you the very best with this little one, and if I can
    > be of any help, please do not hesitate to ask. I ran into
    > an unfortunte lack of information on the internet regarding
    > handicapped birds when I adopted these little ones.