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Post: Adoption Information for Newbies

Posted by Nice & Informative on 2/09/08

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    I hate seeing arguments since they always turn ugly.

    My thoughts on adoption and rescue, etc. You don't
    know about large birds til you own one. I own a grey and
    yes, she has never "bitten" me good just yet. One day it
    will come and it will hurt. I've been around larger
    parrots for YEARS and been nailed by a macaw, cockatoo and
    a few others. I've needed stitches and I am a vet tech as
    well. People think they can help birds with issues
    (screaming, biting, etc). YOU can't, sometimes you can
    but please leave it to someone with experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These birds need professional help and I'm sorry, will
    your neighbors care if you own a screaming cockatoo??
    And, yes, I've heard a MACAW from 1.5 miles AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm not trying to sound rude or mean, but please be aware,
    the "rude" people know what they are talking about, it
    just sometimes comes out the wrong way.

    I won't own a macaw or large too, I couldn't handle a bite
    like that; once a year b/c of my stupidity by working with
    one, sure, but as my pet, no thanks. They CAN seriously
    hurt you and I'm sorry, it takes a special person to be
    truly a good LARGE parrot owner.

    What are you going to do it someone gives you a plucked
    amazon parrot? It's nice at their house but when you get
    it home you cannot come within 2 feet of the cage without
    it attacking the bars? You cannot feed or clean it
    without upsetting him? Then what, you ask someone for
    help?? Let's stress out this poor bird while you learn
    how to help it??

    Please, leave the "issue" birds to someone else and adopt
    an older bird from a family who can no longer care for it
    b/c of a move, new baby, job etc. Pay the flippin' $700-
    1000 adoption fee with cage. It's a great price and I'm
    sorry, in the two months it takes you to post and beg for
    a cheap bird you could have already saved your money and
    have your dream bird.

    Just my two cents

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