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Re: Oh My Gosh Am I the Only One???

Posted by karen on 2/27/08
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    On 2/27/08, Sherry wrote:
    > Thank goodness I found this website. Has anybody been
    > through this? Can anyone offer solid advise? Our 3
    > greys are great fun except 1 of them started screaming two
    > years ago. Then the second bird imitated. This hurts our
    > ears in a big way and my daughters even went to the doctor
    > and found they have both lost 30 percent of their hearing!
    > Some family pet this has turned out to be! Unfortunately,
    > no matter how many toys or if they are outside on their
    > play-cage . . . they want to be with us in the same room or
    > scream scream scream!!! As a last resort, it now looks
    > finding them new homes is possibly the best solution unless
    > somebody knows of a solution. I don't have much time
    > considering the loss of hearing issues. Thanks a million
    > any and all advice!

    This is an insecure bird trying to maintain contact with its
    flock. You are part of the “flock”.
    Poor little guy can not figure why you would leave and not
    stay in contact! And where are you going?
    One of the first things to do is take the birds for a walk
    around the house. They need to know the lay of the house &
    that there are no dangers. It also helps them understand
    where you go when they can not see you.
    Take the walk & explain the rooms each day with each bird,
    after a time once a wk should be good.
    They need to understand the house is not a danger & the
    house is there home
    When I leave the room I explain where I am going with the
    same words used during the house tour. This is the laundry
    room, -I am going to the laundry room etc,
    Greys pick up words & will start to understand where you are
    going & what is going on.
    It takes a bit of time, & no yelling on your part is
    allowed. It also helps if the house is quiet
    So they can hear what is going on & do not have to yell over
    the TV or radio
    -You will not have a quiet bird in a loud house.
    -Next when you are in another room make a call, I
    use “WooHoo” Use something you want them to repeat! This
    will be your flock contact call.
    My Grey needed a sound to use when he was upset & needed to
    call to me. WooHoo was a sound I could stand.
    Do not go running to them after they start yelling,
    understand why they yell & work with it.
    The above can work if there other needs are being met.
    Proper food, cage layout, toys, lighting, sleep time, quiet
    time, play time, face time with you.
    Etc. etc.
    Try to think like a "flock creature"
    good luck