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Re: Oh My Gosh Am I the Only One???

Posted by Bird Psycho on 2/28/08
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    1. Put the cages in a central location in the home.
    2. Don't react to the screaming; parrots love drama (no
    running to them, no verbal responding, no eye contact, no food
    to shut them up, nothing period.)
    3. Establish whisper or whistle call signals only.
    4. Parrots don't respond to "punishment". No yelling (yelling
    is a call back), no water spritzes, no cage covers..., turn
    your back and walk away works best.
    5. This is their way of telling you they want more attention.
    Give it to them after they stop screaming only and then cut
    back gradually if you have to only after they feel secure
    again. It may take months.
    6. Help them learn to entertain themselves with a rotation of
    new toys.
    7. Talk to them like you would a child. Try "I'll be right
    back" and leave for an increasing amount of time, and make
    sure you return with praise only when there is no screaming.
    Make a fuss.
    8. Play a radio, or a small TV to reduce their seperation

    Good luck.