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Re: Oh My Gosh Am I the Only One???

Posted by Birdmom on 2/28/08
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    Everything this person says is right on.......we are part of
    the flock and flock calls work. Nice job. Our flock call is
    a whistled "Mr. Peepers" - 4 notes. Short & simple. He
    returns it right away. I wish I had a laundry room.....

    > This is an insecure bird trying to maintain contact with its
    > flock. You are part of the “flock”.
    > Poor little guy can not figure why you would leave and not
    > stay in contact! And where are you going?
    > One of the first things to do is take the birds for a walk
    > around the house. They need to know the lay of the house &
    > that there are no dangers. It also helps them understand
    > where you go when they can not see you.
    > Take the walk & explain the rooms each day with each bird,
    > after a time once a wk should be good.
    > They need to understand the house is not a danger & the
    > house is there home
    > When I leave the room I explain where I am going with the
    > same words used during the house tour. This is the laundry
    > room, -I am going to the laundry room etc,
    > Greys pick up words & will start to understand where you are
    > going & what is going on.
    > It takes a bit of time, & no yelling on your part is
    > allowed. It also helps if the house is quiet
    > So they can hear what is going on & do not have to yell over
    > the TV or radio
    > -You will not have a quiet bird in a loud house.
    > -Next when you are in another room make a call, I
    > use “WooHoo” Use something you want them to repeat! This
    > will be your flock contact call.
    > My Grey needed a sound to use when he was upset & needed to
    > call to me. WooHoo was a sound I could stand.
    > Do not go running to them after they start yelling,
    > understand why they yell & work with it.
    > The above can work if there other needs are being met.
    > Proper food, cage layout, toys, lighting, sleep time, quiet
    > time, play time, face time with you.
    > Etc. etc.
    > Try to think like a "flock creature"
    > good luck