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Re: Oh My Gosh Am I the Only One???

Posted by BirdBrain on 3/01/08
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    LOL, you're cool! Well my CAG that was DNA'd male loves to feed me
    and "make love" to my hand. I'm always throwing him off (he's
    flighted) but he comes back for more. I think he's on the other team
    also. LOL.

    On 2/29/08, Birdmom wrote:
    > Well it's interesting that you say that b/c we have always thought
    > that Gib "flys with the other team". So Mr. Peepers IS
    > appropriate I guess.
    > On 2/29/08, BirdBrain wrote:
    >> Oh, "Mr. Peepers" flock call is soo gay. I use the "Rocky" flock
    >> call. It goes like this: "AAAAADDDRIIIIAAAAANNNNN". It's for
    >> manly birds, not sissy birds.
    >> On 2/28/08, Birdmom wrote:
    >>> Everything this person says is right on.......we are part of
    >>> the flock and flock calls work. Nice job. Our flock call is
    >>> a whistled "Mr. Peepers" - 4 notes. Short & simple. He
    >>> returns it right away. I wish I had a laundry room.....