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Re: Oh My Gosh Am I the Only One???

Posted by MD on 3/02/08
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    I'll glady take the Loud ones !!! ;-) They would fit in good
    around here !! Or should i say hear ?!??!?? LOL !!!

    On 2/28/08, Bird Psycho wrote:
    > 1. Put the cages in a central location in the home.
    > 2. Don't react to the screaming; parrots love drama (no
    > running to them, no verbal responding, no eye contact, no food
    > to shut them up, nothing period.)
    > 3. Establish whisper or whistle call signals only.
    > 4. Parrots don't respond to "punishment". No yelling (yelling
    > is a call back), no water spritzes, no cage covers..., turn
    > your back and walk away works best.
    > 5. This is their way of telling you they want more attention.
    > Give it to them after they stop screaming only and then cut
    > back gradually if you have to only after they feel secure
    > again. It may take months.
    > 6. Help them learn to entertain themselves with a rotation of
    > new toys.
    > 7. Talk to them like you would a child. Try "I'll be right
    > back" and leave for an increasing amount of time, and make
    > sure you return with praise only when there is no screaming.
    > Make a fuss.
    > 8. Play a radio, or a small TV to reduce their seperation
    > anxiety.
    > Good luck.