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Re: Oh My Gosh Am I the Only One???

Posted by Alesia on 3/22/08
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    I was wondering if you have tried any of the great suggestions
    you were given(except showing them the frozen chicken in the
    freezer!), since it's been a while since you posted. If so,
    how's it going?

    On 2/27/08, Sherry wrote:
    > Thank goodness I found this website. Has anybody been
    > through this? Can anyone offer solid advise? Our 3 African
    > greys are great fun except 1 of them started screaming two
    > years ago. Then the second bird imitated. This hurts our
    > ears in a big way and my daughters even went to the doctor
    > and found they have both lost 30 percent of their hearing!
    > Some family pet this has turned out to be! Unfortunately,
    > no matter how many toys or if they are outside on their
    > play-cage . . . they want to be with us in the same room or
    > scream scream scream!!! As a last resort, it now looks like
    > finding them new homes is possibly the best solution unless
    > somebody knows of a solution. I don't have much time
    > considering the loss of hearing issues. Thanks a million for
    > any and all advice!