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Re: Any info needed.... Please!!!

Posted by Avian Elites/ Melissa on 3/08/08
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    Though i agree that Greys should not be a first bird. There are
    quite a few Excellent Grey books out there to read. One is For
    the Love of Greys The Complete Guide to a Healthy and Happy
    African Grey. Written by Bobbi Brinker. Some times you can find
    one on Ebay,, Barns and Noble or you can do a search
    on the computer and see if someone has one for sale. Excellent
    Book. Good Luck

    On 3/07/08, Mickie wrote:
    > On 3/07/08, rose wrote:
    >> On 3/06/08, Stechler wrote:
    >>> Im interested in getting an african grey but dont now
    >>> enough about them
    >> If you can find a rescue nearby that takes care of pet
    >> parrots, volunteer your time. Greys are unique and probably
    >> shouldn't be a first bird. By volunteering, you will find
    > out
    >> the basics of what is required to take care of a large bird.
    >> They are thoroughly messy, flinging seeds and food
    > everywhere,
    >> they poop on everything, shred everything, including your
    >> furniture, woodwork, shoes, whatever is handy, and they need
    >> lots of toys changed frequently, such as chewables,
    >> shreddables, etc. They need a very varied diet, including
    >> fresh and cooked veggies, fruits, some seeds; they can eat
    >> people food, too, except for avacados and some other things I
    >> can't remember right now. They require a lot of mental
    >> stimulation. They are not a bird you want to just stick in a
    >> cage because it will end up thoroughly plucked within a very
    >> short time out of boredom. Most are hand-raised and need to
    >> be near you all the time to be happy. They are not good lone
    >> birds. They need as big a cage as possible. Try subscribing
    >> to Bird Talk Magazine. They do articles on Greys every few
    >> months. Also buy Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot by Mattie
    > Sue
    >> Ethan and read all of it. This will give you some guidance
    >> into what difficulties you may encounter. Most of all, you
    >> need to find out if there is an AVIAN vet around you that you
    >> can go to in an emergency. If you live too far away to get
    > to
    >> one, it may cost the bird's life one day. Vet care is very
    >> expensive when it comes to exotic birds, and a regular
    > dog/cat
    >> vet is pretty useless when it comes to birds.
    > Very well said Rose. When people come here and ask questions
    > about birds it may sound silly to some, because there are
    > obvious answers, like go "google it". The truth is some
    > posters wants to hear first hand about people experiences with
    > their birds. There is a difference. Thank you Rose for taking
    > people seriously. We need more people like you on this
    > board.

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