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Re: bar spacing please help

Posted by Rose on 3/28/08
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    On 3/25/08, lucky wrote:
    > im not gonna get into it but i recently lost LUCKY BIRD
    > CAGE(cag) OF 11 years, i bought a new one but it was an
    > impulse buy i had to have a cage in the next hour cause i
    > was leaving town for a week, the cage is much biger he has
    > adjusted to it in the time i was gone the problem is he
    > had a cage with 3/4 spacing the new cage is only 1/2 he
    > seem to be able to climb ok but not as well as his old
    > one.i dont want him to fall and hurt him self because of
    > my ignorance so if anyoneif anyone one has any input on
    > what i should do please let me know

    Your bird will adjust to it. Just give him some more time.
    It's when the bars are too far apart that there's a problem.