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Re: question on female CAG - Julie / KY

Posted by Dr. Denton on 4/02/08
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    On 4/02/08, petparrots wrote:
    > Julie, you cant control the animal instinct these birds
    > have, they all are birds and not like cats or dogs. They
    > have their primate condidtions in tact. I would suggest
    > looking into a few behavior classes and do some research if
    > you want to continue to own and share space with avian
    > species. There is a give and take relationship with all and
    > you need to find it. Yes, not at all times are they our
    > friends, do as we want and do as we expect. Birds are flock
    > animals and if we are to become their flock then we need to
    > research and do as their flock members would. You can not
    > control any animal, unless it fears you--- hence you need to
    > learn how to be flock boss and accept flock accountability!
    > Most would just rather sell for what the highest they could
    > get and move on, or drain one of knowledge and blame for all
    > that goes wrong in their lives---- or blame for everything
    > they effed uped, after all all needs someone- something to
    > hold accountable, but the truth:) KARMA--- What a bitch!

    Step away from the computer and immediately take your medicine.
    Chill or Karma will bite you on the butt also.