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Re: question on female CAG - Julie / KY

Posted by GreyLady on 4/03/08
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    I rarely give acknowledgement of any kind to those who can't seem
    to use a name on a board. But in this case, I must make an
    exception. Petparrot has hit the nail on the head. You are not
    yet researched nearly enough on what it's like to live with a
    parrot and especially a Grey. This sounds less like sexual
    behavior and more like downright boredom. Boredom from being
    expected to constantly behave as you expect instead of being
    allowed to be the basically still wild creature all parrots are.
    Frustration from you trying to impose your will, 24/7 instead of
    allowing the bird to make some of it's own decisions. It's you who
    needs the instrucion and training, not the bird. Until you take
    the time to really learn about them, I suggest you stop buying and
    selling them like inanimate objects and stop screwing up the
    parrots when it's your problem, not theirs. With your current
    attitude and level of knowledge, you are not going to find one that
    fits your expectations. "There ain't no such parrot".