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Re: question on female CAG - Julie / KY

Posted by Julie on 4/03/08
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    I went to a pet store and asked a lady there who supposedly breeds
    these birds. This is what she suggested I do. I DO NOT want to rehome
    her. She is a sweet bird and is not cage aggressive. Nothing has
    changed in her surroundings to encourage this behavior. The avian vet
    I go to didn't want to clip her wings because he says it will make
    her more likely to bite when I pick her up because she will feel
    defenseless. I didn't agree with that, but that is what he said and
    wouldn't do it.
    I came here looking for advice, and only a few are willing to be
    nice and help. Others are snobs and like to attack. For your
    information, I have a U2 that is 17 years old. I DO NOT like to throw
    my pets out. I was only doing what a breeder suggested I do! I will
    never recommend this board to anybody again. I had a friend tell me
    it would be like this ... was she ever right.