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Re: Kelli - Julie / KY

Posted by Julie on 4/03/08
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    Thank you, you seem like a very kind lady. It's just a shame that
    people can't be helpful instead of hateful. If I didn't want help, I
    would have just posted her somewhere for sale and been done with it.
    Maybe I should have made myself a little clearer when I first posted, but
    I didn't want it to turn into a book. They really should ban the hateful
    and nasty people from this board, because I think it could be a good
    thing. As of now, I just want to thank the one's with kind words, and the
    rest of them know what they can kiss. So, to all of the hateful people
    reading this ... don't waste your time replying, because I WILL NOT be
    back to read any of the replies, and I will simply delete the email sent
    to me ... I will not waste my time reading it. :-) GOD BLESS!