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Re: question on female CAG - Julie / KY

Posted by History Major on 4/03/08
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    On 4/03/08, kelli wrote:
    > On 4/03/08, Julie wrote:
    >> I went to a pet store and asked a lady there who supposedly breeds
    >> these birds. This is what she suggested I do. I DO NOT want to rehome
    >> her. She is a sweet bird and is not cage aggressive. Nothing has
    >> changed in her surroundings to encourage this behavior. The avian vet
    >> I go to didn't want to clip her wings because he says it will make
    >> her more likely to bite when I pick her up because she will feel
    >> defenseless. I didn't agree with that, but that is what he said and
    >> wouldn't do it.
    >> I came here looking for advice, and only a few are willing to be
    >> nice and help. Others are snobs and like to attack. For your
    >> information, I have a U2 that is 17 years old. I DO NOT like to throw
    >> my pets out. I was only doing what a breeder suggested I do! I will
    >> never recommend this board to anybody again. I had a friend tell me
    >> it would be like this ... was she ever right.
    > Julie, you must understand ahead of time that when dealing with a
    > perverted, foul mouthed individual such as greylady, you should have a
    > good strong exterior available because of her verbal attacks on you and
    > other people. This has been going on for years with her. Even when
    > she's in agreement with something, she has a strong desire to be
    > negative in what she writes. We all used to get disturbed and angry
    > with her when she presented her diatribes but as time as gone on, we
    > simply look upon her a something out of a bad dream. It's actually
    > refreshing to know that she's just around the corner all ready to jump
    > out with that whip lash tongue of hers. Many of us here consider her to
    > be a bit of a joke in the world of seriousness. She fits in here as
    > much as a square plug fits into a round hole. Sadly, when she was in
    > school they totally forgot to teach her words like 'kindness,
    > understanding, politeness and warmth. Understand that her mate left her
    > for a female chimpanzee and that would make any person develop a very
    > pessimistic attitude towards the world.

    That beotch had a mate? I always thought Greyhag was a miserable old
    spinster. I do know her real name is Tricia/Trisha and she lives in a
    cave somewhere in Florida.
    She's one of the reasons this board fell apart when it did. People got
    sick and tired of her self-righteous pontifications as if she was
    someone who people would believe what she had to say.
    If you can believe it, and I don't know if she still does this or not,
    she actually had an "avian consulting business" whereby she would give a
    person a dish of crapola and actually charge for her worthless advice
    concerning birds.

    If you can't tell already, she's someone that when she is no longer in
    this world, not a living soul will miss her.

    Oh, and she works as a housekeeper for Motel 6. Feel the prestige.