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Re: question on female CAG - Julie / KY

Posted by GreyLady on 4/03/08
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    You all are nothing if not predictable. None of you can handle the truth.
    Hello, sometimes the truth hurts. That does not make it any less the
    truth. When you have no viable information and so very little knowledge
    among the lot of you, all you can do is pontificate and diatribe. Talk
    about the pot and the kettle. Why don't you all go spend some time really
    learning something about parrots and come back when you grow up. You too
    Mike. Good grief, you all act like ISP tracing is non existent. If you
    knew your backsides from deep center field, you would not have to assume I
    ever post under more than one name. What a hoot. This is better than a
    lot of TV. Watching folks self destruct and make asses of themselves, over
    and over and over. You never learn. And my consulting business is doing
    quite well, thank you for mentioning it. Perhaps one of you will call on
    me one day, not realizing who you are working with. No doubt you will end
    up quite impressed and consider it money well spent.