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Re: African Grey Parrot Free Flight

Posted by jason on 4/13/08
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    On 4/12/08, Very Concerned wrote:
    > On 4/11/08, jason wrote:
    >> Here is some really neat stuff about free flight. You can
    >> really tell the bird loves it. There are several pages
    >> with lots of great pictures and videos!
    > I think it would be great for them to have that kind of
    > indoor space for flying. But, I wonder if the camera will be
    > rolling when a raptor comes out of nowhere and takes her. It
    > won't be the first time.

    I think if you were to watch all of the videos starting at the
    first one you would see they are extremely careful of watching
    for hawks. Using that thought process you shouldn't let your
    kids play outside because they might get kidnapped. I don't
    think it's fair to rob the bird of something you can tell they
    absolutely love because something 'might' happen. Don't get me
    wrong. I don't think everyone should be doing this but if you
    are qualified then why not?