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Re: African Grey Parrot Free Flight

Posted by Jason on 4/16/08
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    Yes there are people who would never take
    their birds out for free flight for fear of
    something happening. That's fine, I never
    said there was anything wrong with that.

    All I was pointing out was how neat it was
    to see these beautiful creatures in flight
    and how exciting it is for them.

    Whether you think they should be allowed to
    do it or not is certainly up to you.

    On 4/16/08, Avian Elites/ Melissa wrote:
    > On 4/14/08, Still Concerned wrote:
    >> How does one become "qualified" to defend a flying parrot from a
    >> raptor when some of them can dive out of nowhere at speeds of 260
    >> MPH? And kill with one strike. As in this article.
    > I am a breeder and do believe birds need the excercise and should
    > beable to fly BUT:
    > This website page with Dean Moser is not helping you! From what i
    > understand Deans Pet Male Eclectus was called home one night and
    > the moment of flying home he was hit by a car and killed. Very
    > Sad. Dean is an Exceptional person who knows the Care, Diet,
    > Breeding and Training of parrots but no one can can be prepaired
    > for Accidents that are waiting to happen.
    > Predators are a problem but oviously so are other things that are
    > not expected.