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Re: handicapped greys

Posted by GreyLady on 4/24/08
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    On 4/24/08, sheree wrote:
    > Hey there, I'm new to this chat room but just wanted to
    > know if anyone had any ideas for toys for a baby grey with
    > no feet. I have Nubi in a playpen type container and she
    > seems happy enough, just trying out new things with her.
    > Thanks

    Aw, bless her little heart. If she doesn't have one already,
    for sure get her an infant safe stuffed toy or two. The kind
    with no button eyes or choking hazards. All baby birds like
    to snuggle up to one anyway and she will probably especially
    enjoy that. Beyond that, I'm sure she will enjoy anything
    that is very tactile to her beak and that will not easily
    roll too far away. They also like anything that makes noises
    when they push buttons or pull levers. Take a look at some
    of the Fischer Price type stuff. For chewing items, since
    she can't hold them for herself, get some sturdy clamps that
    you can put some items like popsicle style craft sticks and
    tongue depressers. Good luck with her.