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Re: my african grey just layed an egg,

Posted by GreyLady on 5/24/08
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    Not to worry. There is no "set in stone" age at which they
    might or might not lay. And 17 is not anywhere near a late
    age. She is still a very young bird. The main thing is to
    be sure her diet is good and make sure she is getting plenty
    of calcium. She needs a lot to make firm shells for her
    eggs. If she runs low, her body can rob it from her bones,
    increaasing the risk of a broken bone and if her egg shells
    are too soft, she can get egg bound since it's very difficult
    to pass a soft egg. If that happens, it is life threatening
    without immediate intervention so I hope you already have a
    good avian vet, just in case. If her egg doesn't get
    damaged, just leave it with her until she grows bored with
    it. If you take it away too soon, she might keep trying to
    lay to replace it, further using up her calcium reserves.
    Give her a flat, open pan, lined with lots of paper towels to
    keep her egg safe. But don't give her anything private or
    dark like a nest box. That only increases her tendency to
    lay. With good diet and plenty of calcium, she should be
    just fine.