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Re: my african grey just layed an egg,

Posted by GreyLady on 5/25/08
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    On 5/24/08, sadie girl wrote:

    > WOW.... you just scared the mess out of me!!!!!!
    > The reason that I'm happy is that i now know that she is a girl..
    > Is there any way to tell if she has broken one in her,other than
    > death?????? and as far as plucking, what is plucking and how is it
    > harmful

    While anything is possible, especially with some Greys, I think you
    have been overaly alarmed just a bit. Hedly is being just a tad over
    dramatic, in my opinion. I do agree, you probably don't have to
    worry about running off to the vet. Just offer lots of calcium rich
    foods. Gentle handling is not likely to break an egg inside of her
    unless she is egg bound, (with a soft egg). Plucking, means,
    plucking her own feathers out. Yes, Greys can become pluckers, just
    as any parrot can. But the laying of eggs, (alone), is not that
    likely to be a trigger for it. So long as she is a happy, well
    adjusted bird, laying some eggs is not likely to cause her to pluck.
    Plucking is caused by two primary reassons; a health issue or a
    psychological/boredom issue. If she should turn out to be a chronic
    layer and if you were to constantly take her eggs away from her,
    fertile or not, yes, that frustration could lead to plucking.
    Otherwise, it's not that likely. If you would like some more, in
    depth help, please email me. Put "sadie girl" in the subject line so
    I'll know it's not spam. GL