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Re: adding to the family

Posted by GreyLady on 5/29/08
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    Even if at some time in the future, they might get along, which
    is doubtful, you must observe a minimum of a 30 day quarantine
    in the beginning. You need to keep them as far apart as
    possible, never mixing any of their belongings and washing your
    hands thoroughly, between handling them, their toys, food or
    anything else. After that quarantine is over, then you put
    their cages in the same room and let them get acquainted, but
    from a distance. Later on, you can allow cages open but only
    under constant supervision before you will know if they can be
    loose at the same time, safely, or not. It's highly unlikely
    that they will ever be able to share one cage but, stranger
    things have happened so I won't say it can never be. But, it
    would have to be their decision. They would show you by, at
    some point, visiting each other in one of the cages and
    starting to hang out together. However, an Amazon is usually a
    much more agressive, "short fused" bird than a Grey so be
    prepared to have two large cages for them, forever and further
    expect that you may never be able to allow them out of cage
    time, at the same time, without constant supervision. Hope
    that helps. GL