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Re: adding to the family

Posted by karen on 6/02/08
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    On 5/27/08, zoo keeper wrote:
    > I am about to add an amazon to my family. I have a one
    > year old CAG and I was wondering if it would be okay to
    > them in the same cage. I also wondered if it would effect
    > the bond my CAG has with me. I want to do what is best for
    > him, even if it means not getting the amazon right now.

    We have a polite TAG & a wonderfuly calm OWA
    But I would NEVER let them within 3 feet of each other!
    Any closer than that things get iffy
    They respect each others space, we are lucky.
    Never, Never on the same perch or in the same cage.
    -I went to a friends house that had a CAG, took my OWA
    anong, I will never do that again! The CAG drove us from
    the house. The CAG tried to KILL my OWA! We had to towel
    the CAG to get out with no blood letting.
    From what I have seen CAGs do not like to share with other
    birds. If you have a good bond a 2nd bird may upset things.
    Best of luck