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Re: Everything & Everybody scares Echo

Posted by Hedly Lamar on 6/13/08
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    On 6/13/08, Mary wrote:
    > My little boy a Timneh Grey that is only 14 months old is
    > afraid of everything and everybody. I know that these
    > need to be socialize but every time I try to introduce him
    > to a new person he takes flight. At the vet's office when
    > the tech went to "towel" him he took flight and cut his
    > chest on the floor. This cause me to become very upset
    > the tech. He also hates my husband. If my husband even
    > walks by his cage Echo will lunge at him. He has bitten
    > husband and drew blood on one or more occasions when he
    > trying to feed him a treat or have him "step on" on his
    > finger if he needs to be picked up from the floor. Please
    > if anyone has anything they can suggest to help this
    > guy please let me know. Thank you

    Clip the wings and he won't fly away. Makes sense doesn't
    it. It will also adjust his attitude. If your vet didn't
    recommend clipping the wings then find another vet.