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Re: Everything & Everybody scares Echo

Posted by GreyLady on 6/14/08
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    > On 6/13/08, Hedly Lamar wrote:

    >> Clip the wings and he won't fly away. Makes sense doesn't
    >> it. It will also adjust his attitude. If your vet didn't
    >> recommend clipping the wings then find another vet.

    I don't know who this person is but he/she does not know much if
    anything about Greys, or even birds in general. No one who knows
    anything would ever make such brash, unbending statements like
    that, making it sound as if that's the gospel and applies to all
    birds, of all types. Steer clear of uninformed statements like
    this. That's the kind of BS that gets birds killed, hurt or even
    rehomed because it doesn't work. Time, time, patience and more
    patience is what is needed. If you reach your wit's end, you may
    need to ask a behaviorist to come and observe your interactions
    with Echo, get a first hand look at just what goes on, his
    reactions, etc. and then can guide you from there as to what you
    are doing right and what you may need to change.