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Re: Air Purifier question

Posted by parrotzoo on 7/08/08
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    I clean everyday, it isnt worth skipping or not feeling like
    it if pets health and people's health is to co-habitate. I
    clean non- stop but this is what we devoted Avian lovers do, I
    feel so much better myself knowing that all our birds- dogs,
    fish kids and us are clean and well cared for. I rest easy
    knowing Ive done my best and our care is top notch!

    On 7/08/08, Birdmom wrote:
    > Thanks for the answers on this. I have been running it more
    > and cleaning the room more. I hate cleaning.
    > On 7/04/08, Birdmom wrote:
    >> Happy 4th to all,
    >> I have an air purifier in my bird room. How often do you
    >> folks run it? Continuously? I turn it off during the
    >> night and even while I am at work. Thus it's not too
    >> effective. Will the motor burn out and start a fire?
    >> Also - how do you clean the carbon pre-filter? All of
    >> Gib's dust is stuck on there. Should I vacuum it off?
    >> Thanks for setting me straight on this thing.