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Re: Leg Bands

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 7/07/08
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    On 7/07/08, Tom wrote:
    > Hello there! Would anyone know the email address for L & M
    > Leg Bands? Their website says to email them but doesn't
    > give their email address.
    > Thanks in advance..

    Their website says they do not have a secure online form.
    So, that's probably why their email address is not listed.

    (here is their other contact information)

    PLEASE CALL, FAX, OR MAIL in your order to us.
    If you would like an brochure and order form sent to you,
    we will gladly mail or fax one to you.
    Our phone number is 909-882-4649 and our fax number is 909-
    Our mailing address is.....
    L&M Bird Leg Bands, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2636
    San Bernardino, California 92406

    Please do not email your credit card info to us as there is
    no secure online form to use here.

    L&M Bird Leg Bands, Inc.

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