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Re: CAG Keeps laying unfertile eggs

Posted by Randy on 7/16/08
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    On 7/16/08, Saha wrote:
    > Greetings Folks:
    > My pair of CAG keeps laying unfertile eggs. This is the
    > third times in a row. As soon as I remove the unfertile
    > eggs after 4 weeks, within next 2 weeks the female lays
    > another 3 eggs. Please let me know if there is way to stop
    > it. My concern is if the birds keeps laying useless
    > unfertile eggs in such a frequency the female will harm
    > its health. It would be better not to have any eggs
    > instead of unfertile eggs. Also, as summer begans they do
    > not eat that much either. Any suggestions?
    > Sincerely,
    > Saha
    An over active egg layer is a problem that has to be taken
    care of by an avian vet BUT if you have the female and male
    together, she'll never stop. Using a vet usually has to do
    with a female that's doing the same thing as yours but has
    no mate around it. Your 2 have to be separated and all types
    of nesting material, nest box and whatever else is being
    used has to be definitely removed. All types of food that
    she would be giving chicks have to be removed. Changing the
    interior of the cage is also a good idea. Move the perches,
    change the toys, bowls etc. Those the most important things
    to focus on right now and if she still continues laying eggs
    with no male around, that's the time to see the vet.