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Re: CAG Keeps laying unfertile eggs

Posted by GreyLady on 7/17/08
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    You are right to be concerned, especially with how trickey it
    can be to keep Greys getting enough calcium. I agree with
    everything Randy said, with one exception. I would not
    separate them, at least not at this point. If they are a
    bonded pair, which they apparently are, that could very well
    lead to more frustration and anxiety than either should have,
    her especially. You don't want to add possible plucking and
    upset to the mix of problems. I would first try removing the
    nest box, any materials that could be used for nesting and make
    sure there are no places she can get to that are semi dark
    and/or semi private. That type of place is one of the prime
    causes of egg laying, even with a lone female. I would not
    make any drastic changes in diet right away either. Take it in
    stages. All nesting opportunities must go first. That may
    very well be all it takes to stop her. If she likes almonds,
    give her all she wants. They are a great source of calcium.
    Another good source is well done drumsticks with all fat and
    skin and most of the meast removed. If she will crack them
    open and eat the marrow, it's very good for her. Both of them
    in fact, can have them. Also make sure she is getting plenty
    of other calcium rich foods. Depletion of calcium is the
    biggest danger with over laying so you need to keep her well