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Re: CAG Keeps laying unfertile eggs

Posted by Saha on 7/17/08
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    Thank you Randy/Grey Lady for your valuable and kind advice. I
    will try my best to follow your advice. The problem is the
    female does not eat that much and both of them is very picky
    eater. I have four bowls in the cage with four different food
    items for them hoping they will like one of them and eat.
    Feeding them became quite a challenge. I feel I am dealing with
    my kinds though I do not have any kids. I keep thinking how I
    can feed them.

    Should I remove all the bowl and just keep only two, water and
    one tyupe of food at a time. I gave them sunflower seeds,
    fruits, zupreme palette and water. They do not like any of them
    and foods remain in the bowls days at a time and then I replace
    them with fresh food again. They like cookies at lot and crazy
    about. I found some cookies make out of lots of palm oil, little
    sugar and white flower. I give them occasionally when I see they
    are not eating their own food at all. I do that because I feel
    sad knowing they starving.

    Please help me with their diet management (type, amount and
    frequency) if you would.


    On 7/17/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > You are right to be concerned, especially with how trickey it
    > can be to keep Greys getting enough calcium. I agree with
    > everything Randy said, with one exception. I would not
    > separate them, at least not at this point. If they are a
    > bonded pair, which they apparently are, that could very well
    > lead to more frustration and anxiety than either should have,
    > her especially. You don't want to add possible plucking and
    > upset to the mix of problems. I would first try removing the
    > nest box, any materials that could be used for nesting and
    > sure there are no places she can get to that are semi dark
    > and/or semi private. That type of place is one of the prime
    > causes of egg laying, even with a lone female. I would not
    > make any drastic changes in diet right away either. Take it
    > stages. All nesting opportunities must go first. That may
    > very well be all it takes to stop her. If she likes almonds,
    > give her all she wants. They are a great source of calcium.
    > Another good source is well done drumsticks with all fat and
    > skin and most of the meast removed. If she will crack them
    > open and eat the marrow, it's very good for her. Both of them
    > in fact, can have them. Also make sure she is getting plenty
    > of other calcium rich foods. Depletion of calcium is the
    > biggest danger with over laying so you need to keep her well
    > supplied.