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Re: un known sex of my grey

Posted by GreyLady on 7/26/08
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    On 7/25/08, don wrote:
    > how do i tell my tobi is a boy or girl ? do hens lay
    > infertile eggs like a chicken?

    Yes, any female bird can lay infertile eggs. But if you've
    never seen an egg doesn't mean you have a male. Some females
    will lay, some don't. A lot depends on diet, age, hormones
    and just basic nesting instinct. Some have more of it than
    others. Do you have a CAG or a TAG? Understand there is no
    sure thing other than the laying of an egg or a DNA test but
    if you have a CAG, there are some visual hints I can share
    with you that seem to run pretty true. Unfortunately, if
    it's a TAG, I'm not aware of any visual hints that will
    help. If yours is a CAG, look closely at the underside of
    the red tail feathes. Preferably with the bird at eye level
    and with a bright light behind the bird. See if you can
    detect any faint, thin silver edging on any of the red