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Re: un known sex of my grey

Posted by Shawna on 7/27/08
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    On 7/25/08, don wrote:
    > how do i tell my tobi is a boy or girl ? do hens lay
    > infertile eggs like a chicken?

    Hello Don, It is imposable to tell if Tobi is a girl or a
    boy, all throw I have notice that girl African grays tend
    to squat or par down when there perched, were as boy
    African grays donít as much or at all. It is best to go to
    your avian vet and get a DNA test so you know, As far as
    laying eggs gos some girl grey will, some wont to prevent
    laying eggs it best to let your grey have 11 hours of light
    and 13 of darkness or 12 of light and 12 of night this well
    help with laying eggs and hormonal issues, there are many
    other things you can do as well to prevent this from