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Re: Lost African Grey parrot 2 years old. (banded)

Posted by melissa on 8/07/08
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    On 8/02/08, Sherry Galvan wrote:
    > We lost our parrot on 07/29/08 in the Yulee Area around
    > Merrylene rd and A1A. Grey color with a red tail and a
    > band on her foot. Yellow eyes with black pupils.. Answers
    > to Sasha very timid around people she does not know. Wings
    > are not clipped. Very well groomed. Family pet and reward
    > if found.. Please, I miss her so much.

    My aunt had an AG...she was in a wheel chair paralyzed from
    neck down. One day she lost her bird, Moses... he flew out
    her house and was gone for 4 days. She just happened to be
    riding in her chair down the road from her house and had
    stopped for whatever reason and from out of no where Moses
    landed on her shoulder!

    Good luck!