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Re: Reply To Randy & Other/Congo

Posted by FS on 8/29/08
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    I am sorry I do not reply to un-just judgements. I am here
    for the love of birds ONLY , not to character assassinate

    On 8/29/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 8/29/08, FS wrote:
    >> Of course a Congo that is paid for and paid
    >> shipping.......IF you would of asked me directly I would
    >> of told you. HOWEVER......I am very careful of
    >> scammers.....I do have a Police Background so I suspect if
    >> any of you are trying to scam me that will be
    >> stopped.......what happened to genuine Christain people of
    >> today? If you advertize here on this site instead of
    >> judging someone without a clue of what your talking
    >> about, this site would be a kinder site don't you think?
    >> So if you have a tame Congo and live in the USA write me
    >> at:
    > You may be exactly who and what you say you are. But how
    > would anyone know? Also, it seems you don't want any bird
    > that is not shipped? That alone raises huge red flags to
    > caring and concientious bird owner. I can't imagine anyone
    > who has a bird needing a home and cares about the bird,
    > participate in this kind of relocation. If you are
    > everything you say you are, why are you not looking locally
    > to adopt so that folks can meet you, see your home and know
    > what kind of enviornment and person they may be turning
    > bird over to? Just for the record, there is no such thing
    > a "free" bird. If you are knowledgeable about parrots at
    > all, you know that. How would anyone be trying to scam
    > You are the one looking for a bird, not us.