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Re: Reply To Randy & Other/Congo

Posted by Randy on 8/31/08
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    On 8/29/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 8/29/08, FS wrote:
    >> Of course a Congo that is paid for and paid
    >> shipping.......IF you would of asked me directly I would
    >> of told you. HOWEVER......I am very careful of
    >> scammers.....I do have a Police Background so I suspect if
    >> any of you are trying to scam me that will be
    >> stopped.......what happened to genuine Christain people of
    >> today? If you advertize here on this site instead of
    >> judging someone without a clue of what your talking
    >> about, this site would be a kinder site don't you think?
    >> So if you have a tame Congo and live in the USA write me
    >> at:
    > You may be exactly who and what you say you are. But how
    > would anyone know? Also, it seems you don't want any bird
    > that is not shipped? That alone raises huge red flags to
    > caring and concientious bird owner. I can't imagine anyone
    > who has a bird needing a home and cares about the bird,
    > participate in this kind of relocation. If you are
    > everything you say you are, why are you not looking locally
    > to adopt so that folks can meet you, see your home and know
    > what kind of enviornment and person they may be turning
    > bird over to? Just for the record, there is no such thing
    > a "free" bird. If you are knowledgeable about parrots at
    > all, you know that. How would anyone be trying to scam
    > You are the one looking for a bird, not us.

    Hey FS, police backgrounds mean nothing to people who own
    birds or any other animals. Your police background plus a few
    dollars will get you on the city bus. Like the other poster
    said, *how do we know who you are?* Maybe you're mentally
    challenged. You're judging christian values here? Because
    people here think you're a little flaky means that they have
    no christian values? Like the other poster said, people are
    either *caring and concientious bird owners* or they're not. I
    really don't think you have the slightest clue concerning what
    you're talking about. You really think someone is gonna give
    you a free bird and also pay shipping? You're really living in
    a dream world. I'll tell you right now, no one is gonna
    respond to your idiotic request. First of all, shipping ANY
    birds ANYWHERE isn't looked upon as a good idea but of course,
    you wouldn't know that. What makes ANY board a kinder site are
    the ones that stays alert and stop people like you who
    scrounge around boards. You're not the first nor will you be
    the last to do what you're doing.
    Oh, by the way, concerning the so called advertising on this
    board, well open your eyes and look to the left side. See the
    word Classifieds? See the 2 areas that say FOR SALE and

    Yours Truly
    Father Randy