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Re: Reply To Randy & Other/Congo

Posted by Randy on 8/31/08
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    On 8/31/08, Randy wrote:
    > On 8/29/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 8/29/08, FS wrote:
    >>> Of course a Congo that is paid for and paid
    >>> shipping.......IF you would of asked me directly I would
    >>> of told you. HOWEVER......I am very careful of
    >>> scammers.....I do have a Police Background so I suspect if
    >>> any of you are trying to scam me that will be
    >>> stopped.......what happened to genuine Christain people of
    >>> today? If you advertize here on this site instead of
    >>> judging someone without a clue of what your talking
    >>> about, this site would be a kinder site don't you think?
    >>> So if you have a tame Congo and live in the USA write me
    >>> at:
    >> You may be exactly who and what you say you are. But how
    >> would anyone know? Also, it seems you don't want any bird
    >> that is not shipped? That alone raises huge red flags to
    > any
    >> caring and concientious bird owner. I can't imagine anyone
    >> who has a bird needing a home and cares about the bird,
    > would
    >> participate in this kind of relocation. If you are
    >> everything you say you are, why are you not looking locally
    >> to adopt so that folks can meet you, see your home and know
    >> what kind of enviornment and person they may be turning
    > their
    >> bird over to? Just for the record, there is no such thing
    > as
    >> a "free" bird. If you are knowledgeable about parrots at
    >> all, you know that. How would anyone be trying to scam
    > you?
    >> You are the one looking for a bird, not us.
    > Hey FS, police backgrounds mean nothing to people who own
    > birds or any other animals. Your police background plus a few
    > dollars will get you on the city bus. Like the other poster
    > said, *how do we know who you are?* Maybe you're mentally
    > challenged. You're judging christian values here? Because
    > people here think you're a little flaky means that they have
    > no christian values? Like the other poster said, people are
    > either *caring and concientious bird owners* or they're not. I
    > really don't think you have the slightest clue concerning what
    > you're talking about. You really think someone is gonna give
    > you a free bird and also pay shipping? You're really living in
    > a dream world. I'll tell you right now, no one is gonna
    > respond to your idiotic request. First of all, shipping ANY
    > birds ANYWHERE isn't looked upon as a good idea but of course,
    > you wouldn't know that. What makes ANY board a kinder site are
    > the ones that stays alert and stop people like you who
    > scrounge around boards. You're not the first nor will you be
    > the last to do what you're doing.
    > Oh, by the way, concerning the so called advertising on this
    > board, well open your eyes and look to the left side. See the
    > word Classifieds? See the 2 areas that say FOR SALE and
    > WANTED??
    > Yours Truly
    > Father Randy

    PS--CLASSIFIEDS are also located on right side and the top of
    this page just in case you get lost in your investigation.

    Father Randy