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Re: Greys & Amazons

Posted by GreyLady on 8/30/08
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    On 8/30/08, Joey wrote:
    > Can a person keep a Congo Grey with a Double Headed Amazon
    > in the same cage to grow old together? They are both
    > males.

    It is not as simple as a definite yes or no answer. It
    depends on too many factors. How old are the birds? Are
    they in the same home now, meaning do they at least "know"
    each other? Have either lived in the same home and/or room
    with another bird before this? Are either or both your birds
    right now or are you thinking of adding one or both? If
    either had been your bird all along, what kind of
    relationship do you have with them right now? Are they both
    friendly, hand tame birds now? What size cages are they
    using now and what size cage do you have in mind for the
    future? Do you have space to put their cages in the same
    room right now and fairly close together? The more
    information you can give, the better we can help.