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Re: Lost African Grey-WSuffield,CT Congamond Lake Area

Posted by Pami on 9/29/08
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    On 9/11/08, Carla wrote:
    > Zurie has been missing since Sunday, September 7th.
    > Please email me if you hear anything.
    > Unfortunately we do not subscribe to the newspapers;in the
    > event someone puts a Found Parrot article in one please
    > contact me. Thank you for your help!!

    Have you found your parrot? You should put something in the
    newspaper. I lost a cockatiel once and a woman found it and
    looked in the newspaper for days for a lost parrot
    announcement and since I didn't place one she gave my bird
    away to someone. I thought I had done everything there was
    to do to find it. Lots of posters, calls to vets, shelters,
    but I didn't do the main thing, place an ad in the local
    paper. The woman that had my bird would not give it back.
    Not even after I offered her a big reward.

    Good luck. You might still find him.