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Post: Destructive Habits

Posted by Pete on 9/15/08

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    I have a bonded pair of CAGs, the female(Gracie) will be
    two years old on 9/19/08 and the male(Luigi) is an older
    bird of unknown age. I realize that all Greys love to chew,
    but lately when I come into their room in the morning, I
    see that one or both have been chewing up the carpet. They
    are really chewing down to the backing of the rug and
    leaving quite a bit of chewed up pile around. I`m not
    worried about the rug, just them. Is this Normal behavior?
    Gracie is too young to mate, but could it be hormones?
    They sleep in separate cages with the doors open. The
    room gets very dark at night so I do not cover them. They
    get up with the Sun and have additional Full Spectrum
    Lighting from 10:00am until 8:00pm. Should I worry about
    the situation? Please Respond THANKS!! Pete

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