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Re: Destructive Habits

Posted by GreyLady on 9/18/08
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    On 9/16/08, Pete wrote:
    > Greylady Thanks for the advice. I think getting rid of the
    > rug is probably in order. My hours vary, so I cannot be
    > consistent with letting them out of their cages daily and they
    > are such creatures of habit that they would be badly effected.
    > They can chew on the rug 24/7, not just in the early AM.
    > Someone else suggested that they may well be looking for
    > nesting material? Their immature CAGs did the same thing years
    > ago. I hope they try to collect something safer when the rug is
    > gone? I do keep a radio on the same timer that I use for the
    > lights. I keep it tuned to WCBS-FM, a rock oldies station and
    > often see them bobbing their heads to a beat.
    > Gracie, the young bird, uses any night light to
    > help her climb over to Luigi`s cage and sleep up top where she
    > bombs Luigi (down below on his swing) so he has to sleep up top
    > to avoid the poop. THANKS again for responding. Pete

    You are most welcome. I'm glad if any part of it helps. It
    could be a nesting instinct but it could also be simple boredom.
    You can give them alterntives that are safer to shred and help
    pass the time. Hang a roll of plain paper towels in or on the
    cages, strips of old sheets, washed with no fabric softener,
    strips of vegetable tanned leather and so on. But I still
    strongly urge you to close those cages at night. I understand
    about inconsistent schedules but they can learn to adjust,
    believe it or not. Birds should never, ever be left out of their
    cages to roam the home when no one is there, or over night. It's
    a real safety issue for them and so many folks have learned it
    the hard way, I hope you will reconsider. Again, good luck. GL